The Shop Gallery in Glebe is exhibiting recent drawing works from 4 August to 9 August 2017 of Brett Doran a visual artist and design educator with more than 20 years of experience. On display will be more than 20 drawing works on paper created with wet and dry drawing media.

These works display an innovative application of conventional drawing media to the paper surface that focuses our attention on the expressive qualities of his technique equally as important as the articulation of the quality of rhythmically meandering lines.

There is no obvious recognizable subject content besides the expressive and symbolic qualities of line deployed in the composition. There are harmonic and contrasting linear rhythms that recur and transpose with organic and mechanical intensity. The composition structure and quality of lines drawn connote music notation scores, visualizations of a soundscape, journeys taken in virtual and physical spaces or recount energetic states of being resembling seismograph recording.

By making time, movement and direction the main content of the drawings, Doran endeavors to create visualizations that may inhabit an intellectual and emotional territory for a viewer seldom attempted by other drawing artists.

There is a sense of rebellion of the dominant realistic drawing aesthetic in these works. Doran’s drawings make a constructive social comment. They reveal some truth about and challenge us to see the beauty in a pandemonium of change we face each day of our lives.

by Pierre Brassau journalist at Swedish Göteborgs-Tidningen
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