Artistic Approach to Kinetic Drawing

As  the story goes,  McGoohan aka Number Six, a former secret agent who  knew too much to be permitted his freedom, cries out in an episode of the 1967 TV series, The Prisoner ‘I am not a number – I am a free man!’ The  Prisoner is a unique piece of anti-establishment television and a metaphor for the 1960’s counter-culture. According to the French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925-1995), the 1960’s counter-culture was defined by the many ways that groups and individuals seeking to escape a society of normalisation and control that their parents’ generation had helped create. The driving force behind the counter-culture was not just to oppose the status quo, it was to get free of it – to head for the horizon with experimental lines of flight Deleuze’s theory here serves to remind us to ask ourselves Are we all now living in a village like that in the TV series Prisoner. Our village may be different from their villages, but we are all prisoners if we do not have the freedom to leave. My creative intentions behind my drawing practice have emerged from the idea Deleuze suggests that is to exercise creative freedom equates to heading towards the horizon with experimental lines of flight.

-Brett Doran

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