Awesome energy play and living art.


A mystical force of nature. 

Johanna J

I must get another one if any are left at the end of your show. When more people see them they will be all gone for sure, I am inclined to buy another the one titled Relatives.


These are very attractive dancing lines.  Beautifully presented. I returned for a  closer look. I had to see them again. Very interesting the way you made them.


Each page has unique energy bringing me in for further inspection.

Dan S

Wonderful! It can be some kind of script or brain wave vibration. Very Zen. 


A brilliant show! Energetic, thought-provoking, brain stimulating. Finally, mark making language is given a proper platform.

-D Affleck

Subject, object, horizon, face, view into a reality?

– T Tachibana

I feel like I can see invisible parts of the world in this art, keep up the good work!

-T Fiorentino

A great variation in style while maintaining a cohesive element through. Wonderful to talk and receive explanations that are what helped reveal further meaning.

-B Livermore

Creative. Like poetry about nature without using words. I like the circles the most. 

– Raya Green

An interesting and modern way of mark-making both in an artistic and graphical way. I particularly like “Expanding Ground”, the movements captured well, you certainly get the sense of expansion.

-Emma L

Each piece has a unique energy drawing you in for further inspection.

-D Smiliani

Interesting can be some kind of script or brain wave vibration. Very Zen. 

-Akiko A

A mystical force of nature. 

– J Johansen

At first, I thought they were just squiggles but now I can see more integrity, simple elegance and honesty.

-C McIntosh

Very interesting exhibition and I especially enjoyed the hands-on doing it myself. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. 

-P Wright

Great vibe and feeling from this work unique. Thoughts to provoke!

-Kiera T

Awesome energy play and a living art.

– Lars M

Brilliant! Well presented. Thanks 

-G Miller

Great work very inventive innovative.

-Charlotte H

It was an awesome experience it helps me do a good drawing.

-M Adams

Intriguing, I loved the black and white but the pencil ones are my favourites.

– Lily J

Very nice, sensitive, different. 

-Xiao Xiao J

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